Parliamentary Debate Showed MPs Overwhelmingly in Favour of Mental Health First Aid

The Parliamentary debate about whether mental health first aid should be made mandatory in the workplace took place on 17th January and was tweeted live by @AJMHLIMITED. MPs from across the political spectrum spoke in favour of the motion when discussing the proposal that each employer should have an explicit responsibility to cover the mental health as well as the physical health of their employees. The tweets have been shared in a moment, which can be viewed here. A handy synopsis of events has also been made available by Happiful Magazine, and can be viewed by clicking here. Image courtesy of Where’s Your Head At?

Mental Wellbeing

With the focus this week on the Parliamentary debate around whether mental health first aid should be made mandatory in the workplace, it’s easy to think that businesses are full of employees who are mentally ill and in need of support. However, a big section of any MHFA course is the focus on mental health – well-being and resilience.

There are lots of simple ways to help de-stress and stay mentally resilient. Fresh air, exercise, and being out in nature are all good, and in Milton Keynes there are plenty of opportunities to do all three in one go! Every day, think about what you can do to set aside a little time for yourself in order to keep you happy.