Bring Your Dog to Work

It’s Bring Your Dog to Work Day!  We’re big fans of our four-legged friends at AJMH LIMITED, not least because research has shown that stroking a dog can lower your blood pressure and reduce the production of stress hormones, they encourage positive behaviours such as getting some gentle exercise and being out in nature, and dogs are the epitome of non-judgmental listening (i.e. they never say the wrong thing!)  The Mental Health First Aid courses teach that there are lots of ways to reduce stress in the workplace, but however you choose to do it, have a good day…

It’s Bike Week 2019!

Exercise and being out in nature are both good for your physical AND your mental health. This week is Cycling UK Bike Week and a great opportunity (despite the Great British “summer” weather) to get out and about. We’re currently coveting this lovely example – image courtesy of Oxford Bike Works.