For Employers

For Employers

There are some really useful resources to help employers decide whether or not to invest in mental health first aid courses.

Deloitte have produced an excellent report into the importance of improving mental health and wellbeing, including benefits for employers, employees, the wider economy, and society in general.  To view the report, click here.

Business in the Community were ahead of their time, and produced a report that illustrated the financial benefits of proactively managing employees’ both physical and mental health.  To view the report, click here.  More recently, they have produced a mental health toolkit for employers, which includes case studies that confirm the benefits of mental health first aid, and they have also put together the Mental Health at Work Report 2018 in association with CIPD, which outlines the findings from the national employee wellbeing survey.  To read a summary of the 2018 report click here, to read the full report click here.

In order to better quantify the benefits of improving mental health and wellbeing, Mind have helped to devise a Workplace Wellbeing Index.  Results of the first index can be viewed by clicking here.  For the latest information or to sign up for the Workplace Wellbeing Index, click here.

In addition to the above, Mind have curated a website which provides information and resources for employers who wish to support mental health in the workplace.  For the latest information, visit Mental Health at Work.