Further Course Information

Discounted Courses

Being a local company, AJMH is able to offer all face-to-face MHFA England courses with a 20% discount before VAT, and all online MHFA England courses with a 25% discount before VAT (discount already applied to ticket prices). Physical first aid courses are always competitively priced.

In-Company Courses

If you have a suitable venue and sufficient delegates (maximum of sixteen), further savings can be made as in-company courses are available with additional discounts – please Contact Us for details.

What do I do on the day of the course?

For courses at Kents Hill, upon arrival, please follow the signs to Swallow House Main Reception and let them know that you are on a course run by AJMH LIMITED.

For courses at the Safety Centre (Hazard Alley), upon arrival, please use the parking bays in front of the Safety Centre i.e. outside units 16 – 18 and then report to the Safety Centre reception. 

Log-in details will be issued for any online courses – please be ready to begin at the allocated start time.


As part of its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, employees of registered charities can attend any of the advertised courses at an additional discount to the price advertised – please Contact Us for full details.

Why Do Courses Need to Have a Set Number of Delegates?

As outlined above, MHFA England lay down the criteria for the courses (MHFA England is the national licensed organisation for MHFA training).  As the courses have interactive elements, a minimum number of students is required in order for sessions to have maximum benefit.  The maximum number (16) is set to ensure that all students have the opportunity to fully participate and interact with the rest of the group, whilst having the full attention of the trainer.

Physical first aid courses are limited to 12 per trainer in order that students can be assured that their skills are being properly observed and critiqued.

Why Do Students Have to be Aged 16 Years or Over?

Due to the sensitive nature of some of the course content, the MHFA courses are not suitable for anyone less than 16 years of age.  MHFA England are currently looking at developing MHFA courses suitable for children. Most physical first aid courses also have an age limit (though some are suitable for those of school age).

How Will I Get My Certificate?

All certificates for MHFA England courses are issued electronically by MHFA England.   All certificates for FAW or Paediatric First Aid courses are issued by NUCO Training. AJMH will process the paperwork as soon as is reasonably practicable – those attending open courses usually receive their certificate via email on the day.  Certificates for in-company courses are issued as soon as possible after course once the invoice for the course has been paid.

Not in the Milton Keynes area?

Milton Keynes is easy to get to!  See where MK is by clicking on Google Maps or Contact Us to see whether we can travel to you.

If we are still too far away, check out the  MHFA England website, Nuco Training website, or search for the relevant course in your area via one of the main search engines –  GoogleBing or Yahoo.